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     We have been involved in the Automotive Industry since the 1950's, and have kept up with ever-changing Technologies.  Here are some examples of our (sometimes surprising) Diagnostics, that actually fixed the customer's problem(s),

     Here we have a customer's Ford van, where they saw a "brownish / greenish" fluid on the ground.  They thought they might be leaking antifreeze, so here we are doing a "Pressure Test" on the system to verify where the antifreeze could be leaking.  However the system held pressure, so that system was intact, but when we lifted the vehicle on the hoist, we found that the transmission cooler lines (which lead into the radiator) had come loose.  We secured the lines and got them back on the road and SAVING THEM MONEY !

     This customer had a  compact Chevrolet with the "Check Engine" light on.  She had taken the vehicle to three different Repair Facilities, who had each replaced her Gas Cap.  After our initial Computer Analysis which gave us codes for the Emissions System, we used our "Smoke Machine" and found that the Fuel Tank Vent valve was  the faulty part and replaced it, getting her back on the road, and SAVING HER MONEY!

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